The Hot Diggity

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The Hot Diggity


Saturday, July 13th

12PM - 6PM


Just because the fireworks are over doesn't mean we are done celebrating! 

Join, in honor of National Hot Dog Month, for a day of fun in sun on the Hudson

Terrace rooftop where you’ll get to taste a variety of different gourmet dogs and craft beers.


New York has always been known for the lure of their hot dogs, but there’s no longer any 

reason to limit your NYC hot dog intake to those wimpy wieners sold from carts on street corners.

Join for a proud to be All-American party where you'll enjoy the old-fashioned

charm of the traditional hot dog while we take this iconic American food to the next level.


 The Hot Diggity Dogs will have a creative twist from the frankfurters to the toppings

with unusual bun pairings or maybe no buns at all – challenging what

you believe a classic wiener should be while titillating all taste buds.

The day will include a hot dog eating contest judged by the audience

and a panel of judges including a representative from Yelp & Chef  Rob McCue

of Hell's Kitchen where the Top Dog -Wiener Takes All will be crowned and

taste tests to see who knows their franks best – from Oscar Meyer to Nathans

to Hebrew National we’ll see if you can tell the difference!


Savor the patriotism as you taste craft brews and a large variety

of gourmet dogs with toppings never before imagined.


Hudson Terrace

621 West 46 Street

Btwn 11 & 12 Avenues, NYC


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